How Does This Plugin Enhance Your Learning Management System

Get user reports to learn how each individual user performs.

This report shows user global pageviews and % completeness per course, and displays charts and tables for each individual lesson in each course.

Namaste! Reports link is added to each user in your main WordPress Manage Users page so you can access the report quickly.

Detailed user history shows a log of all users actions in the LMS. The log can be filtered by specific action.

User rankings allow you rank users by various criteria:

number of courses completed, number of lessons completed, pageviews, average grade, or points earned.

You can use shortcodes to publish dynamic leaderboards based on user rankings in the system.

Course and leson reports

will help you learn how all students perform in a given course: which are the most interesting lessons and the hardest assignments.

Experiences report with filters and CSV export of all experiences (activities) within the system.

Guaranteed compatibility with all future versions of Namaste! LMS

Installs just like any regular WordPress plugin.

And More:
  • One Year of Free Upgrades
  • One Year of Free Support
  • Unlimited Domains License for domains you own
  • Open Source Code
  • Localization-Ready
  • Instant Delivery
  • License Never Expires
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Parents / Supervisors view to the user reports.

You can designate parents / supervisor rights to users and assign students to them. Then they can watch the performance of their students.

Pay Once, Install In a Minute, And Use On All Your Namaste! LMS Powered Sites