Bridges: Connect Namaste! LMS to Other Plugins and Services

Bridges are small plugins that help you integrate Namaste! LMS with other plugins and services. If you have an idea for a bridge you are welcome to send it to us.

Namaste! LMS Bridge for WooCommerce

This bridge lets you sell access to paid courses and classes through WooCommerce.

You just need to add your course or class (classes are available in Namaste! PRO) as WooCommerce product and set up a price. When the order is paid or approved in admin, the student will be automatically enrolled in the course or signed up in the class.

Namaste! LMS to Arigato PRO Bridge

This is a free bridge for Namaste! LMS users who also have Arigato PRO autoresponder. The bridge lets you do two things:

  1. Automatically enroll user who subscribes to selected mailing list in a selected course
  2. Automatically subscribe user who enrolls or complete course into a mailing list

Namaste! LMS to myCRED Bridge

This free bridge for myCRED lets you do two things:

  1. Award myCRED points for completing a specific or any Namaste! LMS course
  2. Assign badge for completing a specific course or a given number of courses (don't forget to create the hook to assign points first)

Namaste! LMS to GamiPress Bridge

This free bridge for GamiPress adds new activity events:

  1. For courses: when a student finish any course or a specific course
  2. For modules: when a student finish any module, a specific module, or any module in a specific course
  3. For lessons: when a student finish any lesson, a specific lesson, or any lesson in a specific course