A closer look at the features

Courses and Lessons

  • Manage unlimited courses and enroll students or let them enroll themselves.
  • Publish the course descriptions on your site to encourage subscribing.
Auto-approve or manually review students who want to enroll in a course
Manage unlimited number of lessons in each course
Lessons support rich text, media and plugin contents just like any other WordPress post or page
  • such as completing assignment;
  • manual approval;
  • completing exams.
Define which lessons should be completed to complete a course. Some lessons can be optional
Create assignments and approve or reject student's solutions
  • Each student can be subscribed to multiple classes / groups.
PRO Assign teachers to the classes to have your team members manage content
  • Apply the drip-marketing approach to online learning.
  • Restrict access to just any content on your site: posts, pages or custom post types based on course enrollment or completion.
  • Learn more here.
PRO Change student's WordPress user role or assign new (secondary) roles when they enroll and / or complete a course.
PRO Reorder courses and classes.
  • Paid classes will automatically display payment buttons accordingly to your payment options.
  • Upload files that will be accessible only to users enrolled in a selected course and / or started a selected lesson.
PRO Progress bar shows users how they do in each course.


  • Manage students in each course and see their to-do lists for every lesson.
Add notes to student's solutions to help them resolve the problems
Allow different user roles to administrate and use the learning material
Create certificates that will be assigned to students for completing course(s)
Manage Gradebook
Award Badges
Give Feedback


  • Paypal and Stripe integrations available.
Free WooCommerce bridge lets you sell courses through WooCommerce
Sell to schools with School accounts
  • Integrated with MoolaMojo.
  • Allows selling access to courses for virtual credits and awarding virtual credits for completing courses, lessons, and assignments.
Sell time-limited access to courses with the free membership plugin Konnichiwa!
  • This way you can sell access to courses in packs.
PRO Create discount coupons for paid courses and classes

+ built-in integration with the WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin.


  • Award badges for completing courses and earning points.
  • Mozilla Open Badges and basic BadgeOS integrations available.
PRO Leaderboard generator for top users by points, grade, num. assignments, num. lessons, or num. courses completed


These features are enabled by the Reporting Module.

This report shows user global pageviews and % completeness per course, and displays charts and tables for each individual lesson in each course.

Namaste! Reports link is added to each user in your main WordPress Manage Users page so you can access the report quickly.
Detailed user history shows a log of all users actions in the LMS. The log can be filtered by specific action.
You can use shortcodes to publish dynamic leaderboards based on user rankings in the system.
  • number of courses completed,
  • number of lessons completed,
  • pageviews,
  • average grade,
  • or points earned.

will help you learn how all students perform in a given course: which are the most interesting lessons and the hardest assignments.

Experiences report with filters and CSV export of all experiences (activities) within the system.
Guaranteed compatibility with all future versions of Namaste! LMS
Installs just like any regular WordPress plugin


These features are enabled by the Connect Module.

Keep In Touch With Your Students, Get Them Involved
Receive Email and Dashboard Notices For Important Activities
Your students can also be notified when you approve or reject enrollment, assignment, post a note, and more
Allow optional public comments on assignments so students and teachers can discuss the matter
Send mass-emails to students of selected courses with optional lesson & homework criteria
PRO Namaste! PRO users can also send newsletters to group / class managers
More webhooks (Zapier): on starting / completing a lesson, receiving a certificate, compelting a homework.
BuddyPress integration: when course is tied to a group the activity stream can also flow into the group