Why MoolaMojo | Full features list

Easiest Way Of Selling

Whether you'll sell virtual currency packages or let your users earn them with actions, selling products or services with MoolaMojo is maybe the easiest in the WordPress world.

Super Flexible Integration

Integrating MoolaMojo with other plugins is fast and done with a couple lines of code. Ask your favorite plugin authors for integration.

Increase User Engagement

By rewarding virtual currency for various actions you can get your users a lot more involved to participate in your site.

Fully Customizable & Developer-Friendly

You can name your virtual currency, fully customize the buy buttons, sell any kind of products/services, and handle payment actions via your custom code.

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Manage Actions

Manage Actions

Award virtual currency to users for doing things on your site.

Sell Products or Services


Sell subscriptions, products or services for virtual currency.


It's So Easy

Just place the shortcode along with any content you wish.