MoolaMojo Features List

MoolaMojo is a virtual credits system for WordPress. It can be used to reward and charge users for various actions, products and services.

Setup Your Virtual Currency

You can give any name for your virtual credits - points, money, dollars, moola, coins - it's up to you. You can choose to sell packages of virtual credits for real money or ony let users earn credits by performing various actions.

Manage Credit Packages

Sell various packages of credits that can then be used in the system - to buy products or services, subscriptions, access to special areas, or why not in some kind of a game.

Manually Reward Credits

You can manually assign packages of credits to users in your site.

Reward Credits for Actions

You can reward virtual credits for user registration, login, posting comments, publishing posts, clicking on referral links and so on. All this is configurable and we'll very soon let other plugins easily plug their actions in the management interface.


It's very easy to sell just anything for virtual credits. All you need to do is to generate button shortcode. Users click on it and get charged, then the order can be seen in the orders database.

Assign User Levels

Assign levels based on the amount of credits the user has collected in their virtual wallet. Levels can be earned forever or be reversible - in which case if the user spends some of they virtual cash they can lose the level.

Super Easy Integration

Integrating MoolMojo with other plugins and functions is super easy. Every action takes just a few lines of code and there is easy documentation on doing it. See here.

Integrated Plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • WatuPRO
  • Namaste! LMS
  • Konnichiwa!
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Coming Soon:

  • Users will be able to cash out virtual credits for real money (if you choose so)
  • Other plugins will easily plug their actions in the Actions page.
  • Email notifications when selling products and services.
  • Automated handling of selling digital products.

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