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Main Settings

Currency and Payment Settings

Choose name for your virtual currency. Set payment settings to sell virtual currency packages for real money (optional).

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Manage Actions






Manage Actions

Reward points (virtual currency) to your users for performing various things on your site. Other plugins will be able to add their actions here pretty soon.

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Manage Credit Packages



Sell Packages of Virtual Credits

Earn money by selling packages of credits via Paypal, Stripe or offline payment methods.

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Generate Shortcode

Sell Products, Services, Subscriptions

Generate shortcodes to sell any kind of products or services, content access, subscriptions, ebooks etc for virtual currency. The orders will be visible in your Orders database so you can process them.

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Selling - front-end

On the Front End

On the front-end selling is as simple as placing the button shortcode along with any content describing what you sell.

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