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About This Plugin and Kiboko Labs Ltd.

This plugin is built for you by Kiboko Labs Ltd. - the creators of WatuPRO, Arigato PRO, and Namaste! LMS.

We are a small company based in Bulgaria, EU. We are building software for the web since 2004 and doing our best to stay in business and support our customers for many years ahead. To learn more about the company history, software pricing, quality and all, check this page.

You can send any questions or support inquiries to or


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Coming Soon:

  • Users will be able to cashout virtual credits for real money (if you choose so)
  • Other will easily plug their actions in the Actions page.
  • Email notifications when selling products and services.
  • Automated handling of selling digital products.
  • Integration with Namaste! LMS
  • Integration with WatuPRO
  • Integration with WooCommerce

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