A closer look at the features:

Manage Courses

Manage unlimited courses and enroll students or let them enroll themselves.

Create free and paid courses.

Connect to Exams

Connect to exams created with plugins like Watu or WatuPRO

Run Stats & Reports

Run powerful reports using the Namaste! Reports plugin.

Create Lessons

Manage unlimited number of lessons in each course.

Add Assignments

Create assignments and approve or reject student's solutions.

Manage students

Manage students in each course and see their to-do lists for every lesson.

Sell to Schools

Assign Certificates

Create certificates that will be assigned to students for completing course(s)

Manage Gradebook

Award Badges

Give Feedback

Generate Leaderboards

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Create High-Quality Online Courses and Classes with Namaste! PRO

Namaste! PRO Seamlessly Enhances Your Existing Namaste! LMS Powered Site.
  • The PRO Module Adds More Power to Your LMS.
  • Namaste! PRO Integrates into your existing data. You don't need to re-create or even import any of your content.
  • Namaste! PRO works well with the other premium modules - Namaste! Connect and Namaste! Reports.
Namaste! PRO


EMT Academy at PERCOMCourses

EMT Academy at PERCOMCourses

"After trying other LMS's, like JBCourse & Sensei, we have found that Namaste! LMS has been our smartest choice yet! And if the pricing or awesome software doesn't get you excited, then the personable and very reliable support team will :) You couldn't pay me to change."

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International Academy of Photographic Arts

International Academy of Photographic Arts

"I am using Namaste! LMS for a photography school site www.artphotoacademy.com. Most courses there require interaction with a teacher. Only one course “10 tips on how to improve your photography” is self-learning and integrated with Watu."

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Adenform uses Namaste! LMS and WatuPRO. They update and train knowledge of mechanical technicians.

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