Namaste! LMS About & Contact

Free Open-Source LMS for WordPress

Who's Behind This Project?

Kiboko Labs Ltd

Namaste! LMS is built and supported by Kiboko Labs Ltd.

Why Is It Free?

Because we like free stuff. And for the moment we plan to keep it free. There are some additional free and paid modules.

How To Discuss and Get In Touch?

For public discussions and tech support you can open a topic in WordPress support forums. Don't forget to include URL where we can see the problem you are reporting.

Support by email is provided only to customers who use some of the extra modules. Email us at

If you are using only the free plugin please use the support forum linked above.

If you are reporting bug or having a problem you must provide us URL and necessary logins so we can see it. We can not provide help based on screenshots or videos.

For other private questions you can find us at our contacts page or at CalendarScripts. I have also a LinkedIn profile.

We welcome: feature requests, ideas, partnership inquiries, contributions, customization inquiries, design inquiries and so on.


Some of the related product or services recommended on this site may be products of our partners or our own products. If you buy any of them we may be earning a percentage or the full amount of your payment.