How Does This Plugin Enhance Your Learning Management System

Namaste! PRO Seamlessly Integrates with Namaste! LMS

Please keep Namaste! LMS activated. Namaste! PRO is an add-on, and not a replacement.

Courses and Lessons

  • Each student can be subscribed to multiple classes / groups.
Assign teachers to the classes to have your team members manage content
  • Apply the drip-marketing approach to online learning.
  • Restrict access to just any content on your site: posts, pages or custom post types based on course enrollment or completion.
  • Learn more here.
Change student's WordPress user role or assign new (secondary) roles when they enroll and / or complete a course.
Reorder courses and classes.
  • Paid classes will automatically display payment buttons accordingly to your payment options.
  • Upload files that will be accessible only to users enrolled in a selected course and / or started a selected lesson.
Progress bar shows users how they do in each course.


  • This way you can sell access to courses in packs.
Create discount coupons for paid courses and classes

+ built-in integration with the WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin.

You can sell access to multiple courses at once using bundles. This lets you create compelling offers around topics, levels, and so on. Learn more here.


  • Award badges for completing courses and earning points.
  • Mozilla Open Badges and basic BadgeOS integrations available.
Leaderboard generator for top users by points, grade, num. assignments, num. lessons, or num. courses completed


These features are enabled by the Connect Module.

Namaste! PRO users can also send newsletters to group / class managers

Pay Once, Install In a Minute, And Use On All Your Namaste! LMS Powered Sites*

* Your license never expires. Support and upgrades are free for one year. After this period you can renew for 40% of the full price or just keep using the latest version you have obtained.