See It as Student And Play With it as Teacher

See the demo as student

If you want to see a front-end demo and experience the LMS as a student, you can go to our demo site. There are several courses which roughly repeat the content of the documentation. You will need to sign up for student account.

Play with the LMS as a teacher

There is online "sandbox" where you can play as admin with Namaste! LMS and all the pro modules. To see the demo click here.

Login as sandbox with password 123456

You will see some additional menus compared to installation that only has the free Namaste! LMS plugin. The link "Namate! Connect" is enabled by the Connect module. The link "Advanced Reports" is enabled by the Reports module. The other additional links and features will appear when you install Namaste! PRO.


Pay Once, Install In a Minute, And Use On All Your Namaste! LMS Powered Sites*

* Your license never expires. Support and upgrades are free for one year. After this period you can renew for 40% of the full price or just keep using the latest version you have obtained.