Namaste! LMS Help & How-To

For even more comprehensive documentation check our new documentation and demo site!

Namaste! LMS is module and flexible. There is no fixed must-follow route. There is however a typical workflow most of Namaste! LMS owners follow when creating their LMS:

1. Do The Initial Setup

This usually takes the most work: to create your learning content. Courses, modules, lessons, exams etc. This is shown in short in our quick getting started guide.

2. Create Your "Front page"

You can just use the regular WordPress front-page which simply lists your posts (and if you select so, courses and lessons) in reverse order. This is usually not best approach however. It's better to create a static home page which will advertise your courses. Our premium theme has this done for you automatically.

3. Decide How Your Students Enroll

Will you allow everyone to sign-up themselves? If so, make sure "Anyone can register" is checked on your WordPress Settings page. Namaste! LMS will make sure to automatically give login / register links where appropriate - for example on the Enroll buttons created with the [namaste-enroll] shortcode.

Of course, you may also have a closed LMS and manually add or import your students through the WordPress Users page.

4. Show the Lessons

Namaste! LMS does not automatically list the lessons in your courses unless you select so in the Theme settings or include some of the lesson shortcodes inside the course contents. We chose so because we want to give you full flexibility how you want the lessons to be displayed.

5. Decide on the Students Dashboard

Namaste! LMS comes with a handy pre-configured student's dashboard as part of the WP Dashboard menu. It's called "My Courses" and links to courses, certificates, gradebook if available etc.

You may decide to keep things this or to hide the WP dashboard and expose the LMS content on the front-end.

6. Shortcodes, shortcodes, shortcodes

Everything that is not displayed by default can be displayed anywhere you wish using the Namaste! LMS shortcodes.