Namaste! LMS Help & How-To

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Creating and Editing Courses

Courses are just a logical unit that serves to group lessons of a given topic. They are rather important however because students should enroll in them in order to access the lessons in the courses. You can issue certificates for completing courses. Courses can require one or more lesson to be completed and can have prerequisites to be accessed - so you can require other course(s) to be completed before accessing a course.

You can sell course enrollments for a price or if you have Namaste! PRO you can make courses available only to certain user groups (classes). Course enrollment can also expire or be frozen if the course is not completed in a selected time frame.

Courses are just a custom post type. When you create a course there is a post created so students can view course and description on the screen. Giving a link to the page of the course is optional however - students are either enrolled by admin or enroll from their dashboard.

Creating and Editing Lessons

Each course can have unlimited number of lessons. Lessons are a custom post type, so they will support all kind of rich formatting and media that you can insert in your regular WP posts. Any plugins like for exam plugins for LaTeX equations will also work in Namaste! LMS lessons.

In addition to enrolling in the associated course, you can define additional access conditions to access a lesson. You may require other lessons from the course to be completed first.

Lesson completion is a set of rules that you can define. By default the minimum requirement for lesson to be considered completed by a student is that the student should have read the lesson. You can add more requirements:

  • Manual admin approval may be required
  • You can require some assignments to be completed
  • You can require some test/exam to be completed with specific grade.
  • You may allow the student to mark lesson completed themselves along or without other lesson requirements.

Assignments (Homeworks)

You may create any number of assignments to each lesson. The students will then see the assignments in their dashboard and will be able to submit solutions. The admin (manager) can accept or reject solutions and add notes. Student will be able to re-submit solutions to assignments until one is approved.

Manage Students and Enrolling

Students are just users of your WordPress blog. By default Namaste! LMS creates an user role called "Student" but you can also assign other roles to use the LMS.

Students can enroll in courses through their dashboard, throught the front-end (if you have used the [namaste-enroll] shortcode) or (by your choice) wait for a manager to enroll them.

Managing a Gradebook

From version 1.1 a gradebook is available. You need to select "Use grading system" in the Settings page and enter your preferred system. Once this is done these things will happen:

  • A new link title "Gradebook" will appear in the menu
  • A dropdown to grade assignments will appear when you are lookign at someone's solutions on an assignment.
  • A link "My gradebook" will appear in the user's dashboard.


Instead of reinventing the wheel Namaste! LMS utilizes the power of two existing plugins for holding exams:

  • Watu - easy and free
  • WatuPRO - a lot more advanced, starting at $47

Charging for a Course

From version 0.8.6 you can require fee to enroll a course. In order to do this, please select currency and fill some payment method explanation or button code in the Settings page.

Currently supported payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, InstaMojo, and MoolaMojo. You can also manually approve users who paid by other payment methods.


In the settings page you can allow different user roles to administer and use the LMS.

Community Translations

Translations provided by the community will be published here:

Italian Translation

The following translation is provided by Stefano Caretta at Studio Caretta sas.

Download the files here: .po / .mo

Spanish Translation

The following translation is provided by Mariano Caino at Consciencia Viva.

Download the files here: .po / .mo

Persian Translation

This Namaste! LMS Reza Maleki (Mabna Center) translation is provided by and is available here.

Portuguese / Brazilian Translation

The following Brazilian translation (Portuguese) is provided by Henrique Oliveira (portfolio). Download pot file.

Russian Translation

Russian translation is provided by Kaliningrad State Technical University and is included in the plugin files.