Create High-Quality Online Courses and Classes

Namaste! PRO Seamlessly Enhances Your Existing Namaste! LMS Powered Site

Namaste! PRO: Teach Better, Earn More

The PRO Module Adds More Power to Your LMS:

  • Create classes and limit access to courses based on them
  • Assign teachers to the classes to have your team members manage content
  • Delayed access to course material.
  • Award badges for completing courses and earning points.
  • Reorder courses and classes.
  • Manage protected files.
  • Create discount coupons for paid courses and classes.
  • Enable shopping cart for premium course / class signups.
  • Connects to WooCommerce and WP Simple Shopping Cart.
  • Progress bar shows users how they do in each course.
  • Premium support.

Namaste! PRO Integrates into your existing data. You don't need to re-create or even import any of your content.

Namaste! PRO works well with the other premium modules - Namaste! Connect and Namaste! Reports.


Configure Delayed Access Screenshot


Current Namaste PRO version: 1.3. Tested with all WordPress versions from 3.3 to 4.7.



Pay Once, Install In a Minute, And Use On All Your Namaste! LMS Powered Sites