Namaste! LMS is a Free
Learning Management System
For WordPress

Namaste! LMS supports unlimited courses and lessons with very flexible access to each of them. You can create assignments, manage students, add notes, and more.

Manage Courses

Create Lessons

Add Assignments

Connect to Exams

Manage students

Give Feedback

Assign Certificates

Manage Gradebook

Award Badges

Generate Leaderboards

Sell to Schools

Run Stats & Reports

Namaste! LMS runs in any casual WordPress installation

Use the power and easiness of WordPress to create a learning site about any subject.

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A closer look at the features:

  • Manage unlimited courses and enroll students or let them enroll themselves
  • Auto-approve or manually review students who want to enroll in a course.
  • Publish the course descriptions on your site to encourage subscribing.
  • Charge to enroll in courses - Paypal and Stripe integrations available
  • Manage unlimited number of lessons in each course.
  • Lessons support rich text, media and plugin contents just like any other WordPress post or page.
  • Define various criteria for lesson completeness - such as completing assignment, manual approval, completing exams.
  • Define which lessons should be completed to complete a course. Some lessons can be optional.
  • Create assignments and approve or reject student's solutions.
  • Add notes to student's solutions to help them resolve the problems.
  • Manage students in each course and see their to-do lists for every lesson
  • Create certificates that will be assigned to students for completing course(s)
  • Allow different user roles to administrate and use the learning material
  • Connect to exams created with plugins like Watu or WatuPRO
  • Run powerful reports using the Namaste! Reports plugin.
  • Optionally allow discussion to assignments - powered by the additional Namaste! Connect plugin
  • Receive and send automated email notices about various LMS actions like enrollments, comments, notes, submitted solutions, etc - via Namaste! Connect.
  • Enable a dashboard widget or a page with activity stream showing you latest X days of activity in the system - via Namaste! Connect
  • Tin Can / xAPI integration allows you to send statement to LRS. This integration requires the free WP Experience API plugin.
  • Enhance it with the free membership plugin Konnichiwa!
  • Recommended by
  • Integrated with MoolaMojo. Allows selling access to courses for virtual credits and awarding virtual credits for completing courses, lessons, and assignments.