Showcase: Who Uses Namaste! LMS

Several Live Examples of Applying Namaste! LMS and Add-ons in Practice

EMT Academy at PERCOMCourses

"After trying other LMS's, like JBCourse & Sensei, we have found that Namaste! LMS has been our smartest choice yet! And if the pricing or awesome software doesn't get you excited, then the personable and very reliable support team will :) You couldn't pay me to change."

International Academy of Photographic Arts

I am using Namaste! LMS for a photography school site Most courses there require interaction with a teacher. Only one course “10 tips on how to improve your photography” is self-learning and integrated with Watu.

Blissful Life Corporation

"Currently, we are only doing Yoga Teacher Training Homework. We are developing more courses to offer the general public from our site soon."

Международная Академия Каббалы

This is a Russian language site teaching Kabbalah.


Adenform uses Namaste! LMS and WatuPRO. They update and train knowledge of mechanical technicians.


"After searching around for an LMS with good usability, where quizzes and questions could be made quickly and incorporated easily into lessons and courses, we decided on Namaste and Watu. The speed with which we can create content for the online part of our language courses has been a wonderful aid to our productivity, and an added bonus has been the fast, direct, and to the point technical support. Great value and regular updates keep this LMS developing, and long may it continue! Keep up the good work!"

Aula Virtual Rita Monroy

"It is a project about violin learning for children from Dra. Rita Monroy. We are very proud to use this WordPress plugin."

MABNA I/O Psychology Service Center

"I am a certified Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and use Namaste for teaching under this subject like as Work Etiquette, Suicidal behavior at work, Dealing with aggressive and hostility at work, Psychology for non psychologists, MBTI & Aysenc Typology (All in Persian and for free). There are about 12 courses and numberes are increasing."

School of IN-Sight

An Art and Meditation school providing several courses.

Comunión de Gracia Internacional

"I am using Namaste for spiritual formation curses in Spanish."

HMDH Academy

"It's a great little system!"