Namaste! LMS is a Free
Learning Management System
For WordPress

Namaste! LMS supports unlimited courses and lessons with very flexible access to each of them. You can create assignments, manage students, add notes, and more.

Take a Quick Look Inside The Learning Management System

The screenshots below demonstrate how you can create and edit courses and lessons, assign homeworks, enroll students, etc.

Create/edit Course

Create/edit Lesson

Manage assignments and homeworks

Create/edit assignment

Enroll students and see enrollments

Watch the course progress for a given student

Send note about assignment

How students sees their assignments on a lesson

The settings page

Submitting a solution to assignment

Tin Can / Experience API integration

Screenshots From Namaste! PRO

Manage classes (user groups)

Users with role that can manage the LMS can be assigned as class managers

Configure delayed access for a lesson

Reorder courses and lessons

Create badges for completing courses and / or earning points

Manage protected files

Create & manage discount coupons.
A coupon field will appear on the payment pages.

Enable shopping cart for premium course and class signups