Namaste! PRO Features

How Does This Plugin Enhance Your Learning Management System

Namaste! PRO Seamlessly Integrates with Namaste! LMS

Please keep Namaste! LMS activated. Namaste! PRO is an add-on, and not a replacement.

  • Create classes and limit access to courses based on them. Each student can be subscribed to multiple classes / groups.
  • Optionally charge users to sign up for a class. This way you can sell access to courses in packs.
  • Assign teachers to the classes to have your team members manage content.
  • Delayed access to course material. Apply the drip-marketing approach to online learning.
  • Award badges for completing courses and earning points. Mozilla Open Badges and basic BadgeOS integrations available.
  • School accounts let you sell access to courses to a group of students. Learn more here.
  • Reorder courses and classes.
  • Shortcodes to let users sign-up for classes. Paid classes will automatically display payment buttons accordingly to your payment options.
  • Manage protected files. Upload files that will be accessible only to users enrolled in a selected course and / or started a selected lesson.
  • Create discount coupons for paid courses and classes.
  • Enable shopping cart for premium course / class signups + built-in integration with the WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin.
  • Leaderboard generator for top users by points, grade, num. assignments, num. lessons, or num. courses completed.
  • Progress bar shows users how they do in each course.
  • Premium support free for one year.

And More:

  • One Year of Free Upgrades
  • One Year of Free Support
  • Unlimited Domains License for domains you own
  • Open Source Code
  • Localization-Ready
  • Instant Delivery
  • License Never Expires
  • 60 Days Refund Policy



Pay Once, Install In a Minute, And Use On All Your Namaste! LMS Powered Sites